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Building & Zoning Services

The Building and Zoning Services Department is responsible for the public health and safety as it relates to buildings and building construction including enforcement of the Ontario Building Code and issuance of permits related to building, plumbing, demolition and installation of signs. The Building Department is also responsible for enforcement of the Zoning By-Law.

A Building Permit is a license which grants legal permission to begin construction of any new structure, addition or renovation. Cosmetic work such as painting, landscaping, sidewalks, kitchen cupboards, eaves troughs, and re-doing of roofs does not require a building permit. It is issued only when the plans for construction comply with the Ontario Building Code, the Municipality of West Perth Zoning By-Laws and other applicable laws and regulations. The Municipality of West Perth requires for exterior work, a floor plan, a cross section, a site plan and elevations will be required. For interior work the Municipality requires a floor plan and a cross section drawing. Buildings that are over 3 stores or greater than 600 square metres will require an architect or and engineer to design and prepare plans for the building.

Once a COMPLETE application has been handed in the Plans Reviewer has up to 10 working days to issue a building permit for building less than 600 square metres. Structures 600 metres or greater the Plans Reviewer has 15 to 20 working days, depending on the complexity of the building project, before building permit is issued.

The Zoning By-Law in conjunction with the Zoning Maps is used to control the use and development of properties and buildings. Zoning classifies properties into categories such as residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural. Each of these categories has legally enforceable regulation attached to them such as allowable size of property, the location of size of buildings on the property and the number of parking spaces that must be provided on the property.

The following forms are available for download as PDF files:

Building Department Fees and Tariffs




For additional Information with regards to building permits and zoning information please contact the Building Department at 519-348-8429 ext. 230.

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